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My name is Mario Campo and I’m a certified Business Coach with extensive experience in:

Individual Executive Coaching

Intercultural Coaching

Team Coaching

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Are you facing an important change in your career?

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Learn new skills and methods for problem solving

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Why me?

Who am I?

mario campo

Why me? Who am I?

Hi, my name is Mario Campo and I’ll be your Business Coach!

I graduated in psychology and later specialized in business coaching for both individuals and teams at the Future Academy in Milan. Over the course of my career I have worked in multinationals both in Italy and abroad as a:

  • Business coach
  • Trainer
  • HR & Organizational Consultant
  • HR Manager/Director

Having always been an HR generalist, I have first-hand experience in managing and developing the various areas of people management where I know the intercultural implications well. Today all this has made it possible for me to offer my services as a coach to business owners and managers, and to fill the role of consultant and temporary manager with the necessary flexibility and capacity for adaption.

mario campo

What can I do for you and for your organization?

My main strength is managing complex processes of change which involve people and organizations from different points of view.

For many years now I’ve been helping companies and resources such as HR and Learning & Development professionals, Business owners and Managers, Internal Coaches and other professional figures to acquire greater awareness, to set and reach business goals and above all to unlock their full potential.

Find out more about my Business Coaching programs, designed specifically to facilitate the development of individuals and organizations.

percorsi di coaching aziendale online | business coaching

Individual executive coaching

Do you find yourself facing a professional challenge where you don’t know how to achieve your goals on your own?

Thanks to the Individual Online Business Coaching program I will be your reference point and will guide you to the rediscovery of your abilities, to personal improvement, to the definition of new professional objectives, but above all you’ll discover how to achieve them with serenity!

The program is for professionals of any background and specialization, who find themselves facing a professional challenge such as, for example, difficulty in fitting into a new company, in covering a new role, or in the relationship with their boss or colleagues.

The program begins with a first free alignment meeting, if necessary also involving a representative from your company. The goal is to share transparently the nature of your need and the characteristics of the context from which it has emerged, and the benefits expected.


Do you want your team to grow but are having issues with communication?

Do you want to increase its potential and performance but you don’t know where to begin?

With the Team Coaching Online program we’ll work together to overcome interpersonal and communication issues and to develop with your work team effective strategies to reach shared goals.

In an initial free preliminary meeting, we’ll define together and as a group the goals to pursue, the expected benefits and the way of working. In the Team Coaching Online sessions, I will observe your team during “real” meetings, and in subsequent appointments I’ll give you feedback about how all the various aspects of the meeting went.

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Do you have to work with people belonging to different backgrounds but find that cultural differences are an obstacle to good communication and collaboration?

Through this program of Intercultural Coaching we’ll analyse together certain cultural factors or “traits”, which will help you to see the potential biases that create risks of misunderstanding or a short circuit in communication flows. Through this analysis and an exploration of your new professional context, we’ll get a picture of the degree of accord for each trait, so as to be able to work on the areas that are potentially more distinctive and/or problematic.

My program will help you to:

  • manage your relationship with the external world with awareness;
  • approach differences free from prejudices;
  • be aware of cultural biases and be capable of managing them;
  • recognize and integrate different visions of the world with your own.

Think that business coaching is pointless?


of the CEOs interviewed in a study from the Stanford University School of Business have decided to have a professional coach to talk things over with


improvement of productivity thanks to Coaching, as opposed to 22% of improvement of productivity thanks to training

(Financial Times, study of the International Management Association)


of clients who have used coaching would do so again

(Financial Times, study of the International Management Association)

You too can use Business Coaching to overcome professional challenges!


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How does the first free trial session work?

The main goal of the first introductory session is for us to get to know one another; I will ask you what has made you consider a coaching program, and I’ll explain how it works in concrete terms, so that you have all the information you need to decide whether it is indeed right for you.

After the free session, what happens next?

At the end of the free session, you’ll have all the information you need to decide whether you want to start a coaching program with me. Usually one begins by scheduling 3 or 4 sessions, and doing one per week.

How does a typical coaching session work?

Everything starts by setting a general goal, i.e. what difference do you want to see in your work life at the end of the program. Each session will focus on a specific goal, to defined at the start of the meeting. What we talk about during the session is up to you, while my job as a coach will be to stimulate you (but not directly guide you) to open yourself up to new ways of looking at and approaching your reality.

What makes a coaching program work?

The partnership and understanding between me, as the coach, and you, as the coachee. And of course your willingness to focus on your goals.

Questions from our users help us to grow and improve together.

Write to use with your question, our answer may be useful to you as well as to many other users!


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